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Purchasing a premium domain asset from the Extremely Stoked domain portfolio is a smart way to market and advertise your new or existing company, product, brand or blog and can be far less expensive and more effective at driving traffic and attracting customers to your site than other traditional advertising.

Did you know that Billboard advertising can cost $35,000 -$600,000 a WEEK in New York City, mobile billboard advertising approx. cost $20,000 per MONTH in Atlanta and even radio ads can cost around $200 average per spot and you need to run several ads a day to make any dent in attracting business... total monthly estimated cost $30,000 or more. 

Extremely Stoked domains are solid, memorable, brandable exact match organic domains."Exact Match" meaning that the domain name, also known as internet property or internet real estate, describe exactly what the company website, blog, product or brand is and/or does and "organic" meaning if the site is built correctly with authentic content, then it will most likely receive high search engine results "organically". Having a domain that ranks organically simply means that your website will be listed high for your most sought after targeted SEO keywords because your site name and your content match. For example, if you own a company that sells Organic Gardening products then a domain name like OrganicGardeningCompany.com would yield a high organic search engine listing for popular keywords "Organic Gardening". Another example would be TattooDress.com. A designer who wants to brand and "own" the market for dresses with Tattoo design would be a perfect fit for TattooDress.com not only ranking high for the exact match keywords "Tattoo Dress" but also establishing a brand name that is super cool (just like the product), easy to remember and extremely brandable!! Ranking high organically in the search engine ranks is great for driving traffic and customers to your site, branding your company name or product and it is also ultimately saving your company $$$ in advertising cost...now that is something to get Extremely Stoked about :D 

Extremely Stoked domains are also an excellent way to attract features from magazine & TV editors as well as bloggers. Imagine owning a name like KidsSnowboardShop.com, KidsSurfShop.com, KidsMotocrossShop.com or KidsBaskeballShop.com and having your favorite kids be the CEO, CMO, etc...Feature editors will LOVE it -and so will their viewers, followers, your customers and your kids! 

Domains from the Extremely Stoked domain portfolio are also unique gifts for creative and business savvy kids, teens, high school graduates, college students, college graduates, entrepreneurs, moms, dads, families as well as purchases for pro athletes or groups of lifestyle enthusiast friends looking to build a fun and lucrative business together! Remember, have a business doing what you love and the money will follow ;D

Extremely Stoked domains are the perfect idea to use for fundraising for private schools and sports organizations. Imagine the money your school or organization will raise owning a domain like KidsBaseballShop.com. Forget about selling only to your school parents and grandparents like traditional fundraising! An Extremely Stoked kid shop domain like  KidsBaseballShop.com will reach a much more broad and targeted market of baseball fanatics worldwide 365/24/7. No more door to door sales...you gotta love that and so will the mass media editors and bloggers who will surely feature and market your creative kid themed web shop to their massive number of followers and viewers-especially when they find out that the students are the kidpreneurs who build and manage all aspects of the business :D

An exact match Extremely Stoked domain is also a clever and economical way for an existing successful business or blog to market their niche products. For example, OrganicGardeningCompany.com and OrganicBeddingCompany.com are perfect domains for big box retailers or blog owners who sell and/or promote a wide variety of home products who want to target specifically to organic lifestyle consumers. Another good example is KidsSurfShop.com, a perfect match for a Surf lifestyle company or Surfing blog who want to niche market their Kids products :)

Lastly, owning a premium domain asset can be purchased for all the reasons listed above and more or solely as an investment. Think of these domain names in comparison to owning a highly desirable and prime piece of retail, beach front or mountain real estate. Domains are internet real estate.

Extremely Stoked domains can be purchased directly on our website via CC, Paypal or Amazon Pay. Our domains are registered at Godaddy.com. We suggest that our buyers open a Godaddy.com account prior or after purchase to make transfer process quick and easy :D 

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