Extremely Stoked

Regular price $ 125,000.00 is THE perfect domain name for  Extremely Stoked "kidpreneur"  who loves business, surfing and kid size surf lifestyle products!!! has many great qualities including but not limited to the following:

  • is a brandable, memorable domain name and one that you customers will easily remember.
  • has excellent SEO targeted keywords.
  • is extremely marketable-feature editors and bloggers will LOVE it...especially if your kid is the CEO!!!
  • has a super fun, extremely cute and feel good vibe to it :)

This domain is also ideal for:

  • A group of friends or families who want to start a lucrative and super fun business together.
  • An existing or new Surf Shop owner who want to market their Kid products in a unique, clever, fun and super creative way.
  • A private school to purchase who can build it out and use it as a school fundraiser project.
  • Celebrity Pro Surfer or group of Pro Surfers who want to niche market their kid size surf products while promoting or giving to a good cause from their profits.
  • Surf Camps domain comes with a list of feature editors names and addresses from some of the most elite and reputable magazines as well as a dropship agreement to sell our Extremely Stoked brand hats and t shirts as well as our classic collection of Surfer Bedding products if desired :) 


Extremely Stoked domains can be purchased directly on our website via CC, Paypal or Amazon Pay. Our domains are registered at We suggest that our buyers open a account prior or after purchase to make transfer process quick and easy :D